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Tower Opportunities believes property owners
deserve a better cell tower lease deal.

Contact Tower Opportunities, the Property Owner Advocate, to insure the best cellsite tower lease agreement.

Many property owners have little experience in negotiating cell tower lease agreements.  This leads to a disparity in bargaining power in cell tower lease negotiations. Tower Opportunities provides the landowner/property owner an opportunity to level the playing field with cell tower owners/wireless carriers by using our Cell Tower Lease industry expertise in new cell tower lease negotiations as well as for any current or existing cell tower lease contracts .

Rapid growth and consolidation in the Cell Tower Wireless Industry over the past few years has opened new opportunities for property owners to renegotiate their current Cell Tower Use agreements.  Landowners with cell tower leases are bombarded with offers to purchase their cell tower lease agreement, enter into long term easements at the same time are being asked to reduce their cell tower lease rental income.  The Tower Opportunities staff has over 60 years combined industry experience available to assist landowners better understand the various offers/proposals and to make the best financial decisions as appropriate.

Tower Opportunities represents the property owner's best interest . Other companies position themselves as an advocate for the property owner, but in many cases, are working on behalf of a tower company or wireless carrier.  While it is important to keep a good working relationship with the cell tower company or wireless carrier, Tower Opportunities wants to assure you as property advocates, we're on your side.

At Tower Opportunities, the property owner comes first.  We are committed to providing services tailor made to your specific needs and payments options that make sense to you. We know some property owners are weary of spending their own money without a high probability of return on their investment, that's why Tower Opportunities provides a risk free solution to property owners by not charging for its services unless it makes money for the property owner.  We also provide pay as you go and scope of work options to insure you get what you are looking for.

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